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Platillos de Pescado
Fish Dishes

• Pescado Especial


Two whole fish dipped in our special batter & lightly crisp. Served with your choice of hot sauce or garlic sauce

• Pescado


Whole red snapper dipped in our special batter & lightly crisp. Served with your choice of hot sauce or garlic sauce

• Filete de Pescado


Breaded or Grilled white sh let. Served with cactus salad, rice, beans or green salad

Served with rice, beans. Salad & tortillas upon request

Platillos de Camaron

• Abuelo Alfonso’s


Prawns, octopus simmered in garlic, mushrooms, bell pepper, onions & cheese

• Camarones al
Mojo de Ajo


Prawns Sautéed in our special garlic sauce

• Camarones y Bistec


Prawns & top sirloin strips cooked in ranchero salsa

• Camarones en
Salsa Chipotle


Prawns cooked in chile chipotle & mixed veggies

• Camarones a la Diabla


Prawns sautéed in our garlic hot sauce

• Camarones in
Salsa Verde


Prawns served in a tomatillo green sauce, mixed vegetables & mushrooms

• Camarones a la Plancha


Prawns marinated in our special garlic sauce & grilled

• Camarones en


Prawns in a tamarind salsa, corn & garlic butter

• Camarones Borrachos


Prawns cooked in a 100% agave tequila, garlic habanero pineapple cream sauce. Served black beans and rice

• Camarones Tapatios


Bacon wrapped prawns simmered in a mild chile guajillo & tomatillo salsa

• Camarones Rancheros


Prawns simmered in our special salsa ranchera with bell peppers, onions, tomatoes & jalapeños

• Camarones Empanizados


Prawns breaded in our homemade batter & lightly crisped. Served with our chipotle tartar sauce

• Camarones
Puerto Vallarta


Bacon wrapped prawns stuffed with cheese & sliced jalapeño peppers

• Camarones en
Crema de Tequila


Prawns in a 100% blue agave tequila cream sauce & mixed vegetables

• La Penca Azul Especial


Top sirloin seasoned with our special spices topped with grilled onions & chile pasilla. Prawns prepared your choice: A la Diabla, A la Plancha or Empanizados. All others an extra charge Served with rice, beans, french fries & salad

Served with rice & beans, pico de gallo & pickled carrots. Salad, whole pinto or black beans upon request

Seafood Specialty

• Crab Legs


King crab legs simmered in our special garlic sauce or in our homemade spicy sauce. Served with rice, beans & a salad

• Mariscada
Grilled Seafood

S $38.99 | L $53.99

Prawns, octopus, calamari, scallops, grilled sh llet, green mussels, crab legs & clams served with fresh fruit, garlic & hot sauce

• Enchiladas de Jaiva


Dungeness crab enchiladas (one green & one red). Served with rice, refried beans & a salad

• Enchiladas de Camaron


Grilled shrimp with corn & chile pasilla enchiladas (one green & one red). Served with rice, beans & a salad

• Tacos de Pescado


Grilled sh tacos served with chipotle cream, pico de gallo, whole beans, rice & a salad

• Beer Battered
Fish Tacos


Served on a smothered chipotle tartar sauce corn tortilla topped with chipotle cream, cabbage & pico de gallo. Served with whole beans & rice

• Grilled Salmon


Served on a bed of rice, estofado de calabaza and mango pico do gallo

• Joyce Special


Grilled sh & prawns served with cucumbers, tomatoes & garlic sauce

Seafood Cocktails/Cocteles

• Campechana


Mixed cocktail shrimp & octopus

• Shrimp


Served with onion, tomato, cilantro, cucumber & avocado

Caldos de Marisco

• Caldo de Pescado

Fish soup with vegetables

• Caldo de Camaron

Shrimp soup with vegetables

• Caldo 7 Mares


(7 Seas Soup) Crab legs, shrimp, clams, octopus. sh, calamari
& scallops with vegetables

• Caldo de Pescado
y Camaron


Fish & shrimp soup with vegetables

Homemade mild seafood soups with vegetables


• Easy Peeled Shrimp


Served with jalapeño and chipotle dipping sauce

• Tostada de Camaron


Shrimp mixed with pico do gallo & lime

• Tostada de Ceviche


Fish, shrimp & vegetables cooked in lime juice

• Ceviche de Jaiva

Fresh dungeness crab ceviche

• Botana de Camaron


Shrimp Appetizer. Served with fruit

• Ostiones
Raw Oysters

H $12.19 | Dz $23.19
Mixed greens, fresh pulled mozzarella, garden basil, Hawaiian sea salt,extra virgin olive oil

• Ostiones

H $15.89 | Dz $24.89
Mixed greens, fresh pulled mozzarella, garden basil, Hawaiian sea salt,extra virgin olive oil

• Camarones Ahogados


Cooked in lime juice with onions & jalapeños. Served with fruit only



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